Canada Digital Agri-Food
Project Description

Digital Transformation is a characterization of the ongoing evolution of organizations through the increasingly interconnected nature of our society, business and technology. It is delivering profound (and potentially disruptive) impacts by enabling innovative business opportunities (products, distribution, supply chains and ecosystems) and innovative solutions to societal challenges related to our environment, health, productivity and resource allocation.

Canadian Agri-Food has begun to experience the digitization of agriculture, in part due to the emergence of Precision Agri-Food technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). The ability of the Canadian Agri-Food sector to commit to the establishment of a comprehensive digital transformation strategy will determine our future as either leaders or followers in the global marketplace.

Canada Digital Agri-Food (CDAF) is driving a vision of enabling Digital Transformation in the Canadian Agri-Food industry through the effective use of data as a resource. Through the development, implementation and operation of open, shared tools and platforms CDAF can equip Ontario farmers with decision support tools relevant to their farms. CDAF will all enable participants to take advantage of built-in-Canada solutions designed to support them in the highly competitive global economy in which we operate.

Project Details
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