OAFT/Delphi Team
Project Description

The Canadian agriculture sector has become a key focal point for innovation in clean technologies and processes in recent years, presenting numerous opportunities for environmental, economic, and social benefits. However, the absence of a standardized methodology to quantify these benefits, and the lack of a common language with which benefits can be expressed, remains a significant barrier to investment and adoption of innovation in the sector.

To respond to this, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT - a non-profit organization with a mission of enabling access to new technologies in the agri-food sector), and The Delphi Group (a leading Canadian sustainability consulting firm), have developed a concept for a unique multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) and decision support tool - AgCelerator™. The AgCelerator™ tool is specifically designed to quantify the improvements in economic, social and environmental performance of agricultural innovations and to communicate the value proposition in plain language to different stakeholder groups in the agricultural sector. 

Project Details
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