Industrial BioProducts Value Chain Round Table
Industry Members of IBPVCRT
Project Description

Bioproducts provide an opportunity to transform agricultural crops and non-food biomass (for example, straw, flax and hemp stems, purpose-grown crops) into high-value products such as bio-based chemicals, biomaterials, biofuels, and bioenergy. Bioproducts support innovation and enhance the competitiveness of Canadian farmers, help address environmental issues and reduce Canada's overall greenhouse gas footprint, and create clean jobs across the Canadian economy in research and development, agriculture, and value-added manufacturing.

Key objectives:

  • explore the establishment of a consistent and recognized approach to setting biomass quality and addressing biomass supply issues
  • encourage information sharing and increase awareness of existing regional approaches to advance the sector that could be replicated
  • encourage establishment of a regulatory concierge service
  • identify specific regulatory issues affecting the sector
  • continually update the Roundtable's Communications Plan, along with developing a complementary online communications tool to help those efforts
Project Details
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