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401 The West Mall, 2nd Floor
Etobicoke, ON M9C 5P7
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Allan Elllingham
T: (416) 626-4044
F: (416) 620-4045
E: [email protected]

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Casco Inc.

About Us:
Casco Inc. was founded in 1858, and is Canada’s principal producer and supplier of corn-derived products, supplying sweeteners and starches to the food, beverage, and paper industries. Casco plays a key role in developing value-added agri-food products, increasing local and export markets, and attracting high technology agri-food businesses to Canada.

Casco is the largest industrial processor of corn in Canada, with an annual demand representing more than 25 percent of the total harvest in Ontario. Their corn wet milling facilities are among the most modern in the industry and are strategically located for receipt of corn and transport of finished product.

The company operates from five locations:

Head Office Etobicoke, Ontario
Sales Office Pointe Claire, Quebec

Manufacturing Facilities –
Cardinal, Ontario
London, Ontario
Port Colborne, Ontario

Casco Inc./Canada Starch Operating Company Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corn Products International, Inc.

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