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600 Peter Morand Crescent, Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K1G 5Z3
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Contact Info:
Ken Lawless
Executive Director
T: (613) 521-1008
F: (613) 521-3065
E: [email protected]

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Ottawa Life Sciences Council

Mission Statement:
The mandate of the Ottawa Life Sciences Council (OLSC) is to stimulate growth in the local life sciences sector through its networking activities, consortia building, technology development, company financing assistance, sector advocacy and sector marketing programs.

About Us:
OLSC is a not-for-profit development corporation committed to stimulating the growth of the life sciences sector in the Ottawa area. Through its programs, projects and events, OLSC strives to foster the development of new technologies & companies as well as raise the profile of the local life sciences industry, both nationally and internationally.

Among the region’s medical accomplishments can be counted the development of the first cardiac pacemaker at the National Research Council; the world’s first use of an excimer laser for coronary artery bypass surgery; Canada’s first use of an artificial heart as a bridge to transplant; the establishment of Canada’s first home kidney dialysis program; and the identification of the genes responsible for myotonic dystrophy, spinal atrophy and several of the genes responsible for ‘programmed cell death’ that have been implicated in cancer, strokes and several other diseases.

Markets Served:
The OLSC promotes life sciences locally and nationally. The agricultural technologies sector is an opportunity to harness and leverage Ottawa’s R&D with Eastern Ontario’s commercial agriculture.

Looking For:
OLSC is seeking private sector partners who are looking for laboratory facilities for R&D, regulatory compliance testing and field trials in the areas of advanced agricultural technologies, modified or transgenic crops, transgenic animals and bioproducts.

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