OAFT Community Conferences

IP Management Conference Guelph, ON 07/03/2002 URL:   Title Speaker Documents Posted On Branding Canada-Presentation Summary Ginty Jocius, Ginty Jocius & Associates https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=38 14/03/2003 Trends in Value Chain Management: The Role of IP Systems-Presentation Summary Joe Colyn, Originz LLC https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=39 14/03/2003 Does it Pay? Trends in IP Marketing and Pricing Practices-Presentation Summary Karen Bender, Senior Research Specialist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=41 14/03/2003 Linnet-The Land Systems Company: Realizing the benefits in agricultural supply chain management-Presentation Summary Ron Kroeker, Senior Account Executive, Linnet Systems https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=43 14/03/2003 ProdiGene: Using Maize to Produce Human Health, Animal Health and Industrial Proteins-Presentation Summary Dr. John Howard, Chief Scientific Officer, ProdiGene https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=45 14/03/2003 CFIA Initiatives on the Regulation for Novel Plant Based Molecular Farming-Presentation Summary Phil Macdonald, Canadian Food Inspection Agency https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=47 14/03/2003 Evolution and Role of Management Standards in Food and Agri-Food Sectors-Presentation Summary Kathryn Cooper, Guelph Food Technology Centre https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=49 14/03/2003 Putting Canada First: An Architecture for Agricultural Policy in the 21st Century-Presentation Summary Dr. Graham Clarke, Director Animal Industry Division, MISD, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=50 14/03/2003 Opportunities with Technology and Identity Preservation-Presentation Summary Greg Shantz, John Deere Canada https://www.oaft.org/confDownload.asp?downloadDocId=51 14/03/2003
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