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Contact Info:
Jeremy C. Gawen
President and CEO
T: 416-581-1654
F: 416-581-0020
E: [email protected]

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Year Established: 1996
Gensel Biotechnologies LTD

About Us
GENSEL Biotechnologies Inc. was incorporated in late 1996 to exploit technology under development at the University of Guelph for sexing mammalian sperm. In mammals, it is the male, through its semen, that determines whether offspring will be male or female. The technology allows male producing sperm to be separated from female producing sperm. This has particular importance for food animal breeders and producers where semen is collected from the male and used to artificially inseminate the female.

Products / Services:
GENSEL will be licensing its technology to breeding companies world-wide in return for a royalty based on sales of sexed semen.

Patent applications were filed in 1995 in the United States and internationally in 1996 for the semen sexing technology. In November 1998, the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent for the key protein separation and purifications claims, as have the New Zealand and Australia offices. The applications have now reached national phase in other countries.

Markets Served:
GENSEL’s marketing strategy is to license the technology on a non-exclusive basis to breeding companies and large producers, which already has excellent semen collection, processing and distribution facilities.

GENSEL will charge the breeding companies a royalty based on unit sales of the sexed semen. The initial marketing of the technology will focus on Europe and North America, then expanding world-wide.

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