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Canadian Seed Trade Association

Mission Statement:
Through the collective efforts of our membership, the CSTA is committed to fostering an environment conducive to researching, developing, distributing, and trading seed and associated technologies; with the goal of bettering the choices and successes of our customers.

About Us:
From plant breeders to seed bag manufacturers, the CSTA membership represents a cross-section of the Canadian seed industry.

Founded in 1923, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) is a member organization of wholesalers, retailers and brokers involved in the multiplication, conditioning and merchandising of seed. Since that time, member companies have responded to the rapid growth of new technology with a substantial investment in research and development. The Association assists in dealing with the corresponding changes in regulatory issues.

In addition to the domestic market, CSTA members do business in an expanding global environment. CSTA provides a forum for this trading activity and the international policies and procedures.

CSTA consists of a Board of Directors, various committees and two primary membership categories. Active Members are individuals, firms and corporations made up of seed processors, seed brokers and others whose primary business is dealing in or selling seed (including licensing agreements). Associate Members are wholesalers and other companies marketing seed-related products or services.

A CSTA membership is your vital link to the Canadian and global seed industry, so you can keep in touch with new developments in the marketplace.

In its ongoing quest to better meet the needs of customers, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) offers “PQS (Professional Quality Seed) tag.” This premium tag will be placed on seed that has passed the strictest standards for quality.

“Canadian turf seed production has grown tremendously in the past few years,” explains Don Pollock, Past-President of the International Division of the CSTA. “Canadian seed is a superior product and we want to show our customers they are receiving top grade material. The tag will let us serve the markets for premium seed.”

The CSTA is leading this cutting-edge project to ensure that the industry can extend its reputation as a high quality supplier and access new markets that are seeking premium products. The program will apply to certified turf seed destined for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Member seed companies can apply for the tags after seed has met or surpassed the high standards set out in the program.

“Our standards meet or exceed the premium sod quality tags found elsewhere in North America,” explains Pollock. “PQS designation matches all of those requirements so customers know they are getting the very best.”

Markets Served:
As a CSTA member, the Association is your valuable partner in the increasingly complex business of agriculture. The CSTA office provides a quick and efficient means of helping members solve specific seed-related problems. We can introduce you to the CSTA members best able to handle your needs and, when required, refer you to the appropriate federal ministry.

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