OAFT – Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

1 Marmack Drive
Toronto, ON M9W 1E7
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Contact Info:
Bill Bodenhamer
T: (416) 213-0990
F: (416) 213-9239
E: [email protected]

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Toxin Alert Inc.

Mission Statement:
Toxin Guard technology has the ability to detect and identify the presence of specific foreign materials in packaged products. Detectable foreign materials include:

proteins resulting from genetic modification.

About Us:
Toxin Alert Inc. is a research and development company engaged in the development of applications for the use of antibodies in the production of diagnostic packaging materials for the food, medical and other industries.

Markets Served:
The target market for Toxin Guard is the manufacturers of packaging materials. The markets served by the manufacturers of packaging would include the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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