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Tim Haig
President & CEO
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BIOX Corporation

About Us:
BIOX Corp. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Ontario that has incorporated to commercialize the technology that the University of Toronto has developed. BIOX intends to demonstrate the BIOX Process for the production of biodiesel at a scale of 1,000,000 litres per annum. The BIOX Process has been proven at a laboratory scale, and must now be proven to be economically scalable and capable of producing biodiesel fuel at a cost equal to or less than the cost of petroleum diesel before it can be commercialized

To prove the technology we must also answer many design-related questions that can only be resolved through testing at a scale that will simulate the actual situations and conditions of a commercial plant. A pilot commercial scale unit that is flexible enough to handle differing feedstock (varying fatty acid levels) and varying volumes of flow will need to be built to address some critical questions.

BIOX has a substantial competitive advantage over any production method used today. The BIOX Process is the only biodiesel production process that will be able to compete with petroleum diesel on a production cost basis. BIOX is also the only process that can successfully exploit high fatty acids to produce biodiesel. The BIOX Process is able to deal with animal fats and greases. It is estimated that by using both used agricultural oils and waste grease, costs can be cut by as much as 50 per cent, making biodiesel competitive with petroleum diesel. Other processes employ a high temperature and high pressure procedure requiring explicit use of virgin oils as feedstock. These processes are therefore not competitive with petroleum based diesel production costs. The costs of biodiesel using traditional processes vary depending on type of feedstock to be converted. If virgin soy oil were used as a feedstock, for example, production cost would be approximately $0.66/litre. The goal of BIOX is to produce biodiesel from any feedstock, including from vegetable oils, agricultural seed oils, recycled cooking oils and grease or waste animal fats and grease, at a cost of $0.18/litre making the BIOX Process biodiesel competitive with petroleum diesel.

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