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Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
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John Molloy
President & CEO, PARTEQ Innovations
T: 613-533-2342
F: 613-533-6853
E: [email protected]

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Queen’s University (PARTEQ Innovations)

Led by PARTEQ, our non-profit technology transfer agent, we are committed to keeping Ontario on the leading edge of of biological research by enhancing and fostering linkages between the university research community and industry.

About Us:
Queen’s University has long been a centre of excellence in plant sciences. Many of the major advances in plant biology were developed or enhanced by the research of Queen’s plant biologists.

Research Initiatives:
The current research group is employing the latest state-of-the-art approaches to answer some of the hottest frontiers in plant biology. These approaches range from new physiological techniques to mutant analysis to gene cloning to the genetic engineering of plants. Some of the research has also been developed into powerful technologies that now form the foundations of plant biotechnology companies.

The Biosciences Complex at Queen�s University offers sophisticated equipment, high-tech laboratories, and the latest in teaching and learning facilities. It features specialized laboratories for fermentation and bioprocessing research facilities, research-quality laboratory space built to Biohazard Level II standards and the state of the art Phytotron, a $2.5 million facility for plant growth including six research-quality greenhouses and 25 plant growth chambers.

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