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Errol Caldwell
Division Director, Integrated Pest Management
T: 705-541-5558
F: 705-541-5704
E: [email protected]

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Canadian Forest Service

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of Canadas forests and the competitiveness of the Canadian Forest Sector for the well-being of present and future generations of Canadians.

About Us:
The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) is the largest single organization in the country dealing in forest biotechnology. The biotechnology research supported by the CFS provides promising alternative tools that, in the context of sound forest management practices, will contribute to the ultimate goal of promoting the sustainable development of Canadian forests.

Client Services:
CFS delivers much of its research and communicates the result through a system of five national research centres across Canada and within two key theme areas: understanding forest ecosystems and advancing sustainable development. This network system allows the CFS to address national and international issues while delivering programs through regionally-based research centres.

Funding/Matching Opportunities:
Our Research Centres are designed to help create partnerships and alliances between the CFS and outside agencies. We invite you to pursue collaboration with CFS scientists and to explore the commercial potential of our technologies.

CFS has achieved several breakthroughs such as the development of natural viral biopesticides and the establishment of laboratory microcosms to evaluate the environmental safety of the newly developed biopesticides. The breakthroughs and advances of our scientists were made in collaboration with other research organizations, universities and/or private industry.

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