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Mississauga, ON

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E: [email protected]

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Year Established: 2000 Company:

About Us
CanBiotech is an E-Technology and E-Business Solutions Provider for the Biotechnology Industry. The founders of CanBiotech envision a Global Agrifood Portal/Marketplace to be the first in a series of enabling projects providing connectivity between Canadian and Key International Agri-Food Markets.

Products / Services:
Integration of CanBiotechs offerings into client intranets.
Customized portal and marketplace development.
E-strategies consulting for research and development of biotechnology.
Tools and premium application development for researchers and business developers in biotechnology.

CanBiotech is a company whose central premise is forming partnerships and creating synergies. It is anticipated that CanBiotech’s Global Agrifood Portal and Marketplace will be supported through connectivity with various partners, associations, and companies. Through smaller-scale, customized projects, CanBiotech can meet both the specific needs of clients and build/provide access to a larger-scale marketplace for these clients. Please contact CanBiotech to find out about our customized offerings and how CanBiotech’s Global Agrifood Portal and Marketplace can meet your needs.

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