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BASF Canada Inc.

Mission Statement:
At BASF, our vision is to be the worlds leading agricultural innovator, optimizing crop production, improving nutrition and enhancing quality of life.

Our mission is to enhance value by delivering products and services that satisfy customers needs and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture. Through customer focused partnering, marketing and sales expertise and broad R&D and manufacturing experience, BASF will work hard to earn our customers business.

About Us:
BASF ranks in the top three crop protection companies globally and in Canada in volume of sales, offering an innovative crop protection portfolio for growers in eastern and western Canada. This comprehensive product portfolio includes a broad line of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for a wide range of crops including wheat, canola, pulses, specialty crops, corn and soybeans. Key products in the portfolio include Accord, Acrobat, Assert, Avenge, Banvel II, Basagran, Blazer, Clean Sweep, Conquest, Counter, Distinct, DyVel DS, FlaxMax, Frontier, Kumulus, Laddock, Marksman, Meridian Plus, Odyssey, Patriot, Poast Ultra, Polyram,Pursuit, Pyramite, Ripcord, Ronilan EG, Sovran, Thimet and Viper.

The BASF biotechnology research in North America is focusing on traits that would directly benefit Canadian growers, such as increased cold and drought tolerance. The development of crops with improved output traits such as higher protein, oil and carbohydrate levels is also a priority. This would increase the value of these crops, ultimately benefiting growers as well as consumers.

In Canada, BASF is a leading supplier of crop production products, including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for cereal, oilseed, pulse, corn, soybean and specialty crops.

The CLEARFIELD Production System is one example of the type of innovation available from BASF. Developed to improve yields, the CLEARFIELD Production System consists of seed and herbicides to help growers optimize resources from planting through harvest. CLEARFIELD combines advanced genetics produced using enhanced plant-breeding methods with state-of-the-art herbicides. The seed and herbicides are specifically developed to work together to produce greater yields. Each herbicide in the CLEARFIELD family is custom designed to provide exceptional contact and soil activity to control the weeds most likely to plague a specific crop. The CLEARFIELD production system is a non-GMO innovation. Currently the CLEARFIELD system is registered for canola in Canada and will soon be available to wheat growers as well.

BASF is proud to be the first company to introduce new state-of-the-art strobilurin chemistry to the Canadian market. Sovran, a fungicide to control leaf and fruit scab on apples, is the first strobilurin approved for use in Canada. Sovran is based on a naturally occurring substance produced by small, edible mushrooms that grow on decaying pine cones. In the woods, the mushroom fungus produces “Strobilurin A” to control the growth of other fungi that would otherwise compete for nutrients. The active ingredient of Sovran, kresoxim-methyl, was discovered when researchers modified the naturally occurring compound to produce a stable, synthetic strobilurin. Studies have shown that Sovran does not harm bees, earth worms, predatory mites and other beneficial organisms. It is also rapidly decomposed in soil.

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