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Brad DeFoe
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Ministry of Economic Development & Trade

The Ministry of Economic Development & Trade (MEDT) is committed to keeping Ontario at the forefront of innovation and economic growth through science and technology. Our Ontario Biotechnology Secretariat coordinates government activities in biotechnology. We want to ensure the policies and the framework for economic development are in place to support Ontarios health industries sector.

About Us:
Agri-food biotechnology promises improved crop yields and pest control so that more people can be fed from the same land base. Through the Ontario Biotechnology Secretariat, the MEDT is providing a window into the Ontario government for biotechnology. The secretariat will harness biotechnology expertise in government, provide leadership, build awareness and help champion the industry.

Client Services:
The Ontario Centres of Excellence have demonstrated the value of partnerships between industry and universities since 1987. Designed to bridge the gap between university research and the market, the Centres of Excellence work with industry and universities through directed research, commercialization of technology and training of workers.

Funding/Matching Opportunities:
The MEDT leads provincial government initiatives to stimulate scientific and technological innovation. Our programs have the common themes of promoting innovation and partnership. Through investments like our Research and Development Challenge Fund, were working closely with the private sector and the academic community to promote science and technology in Ontario.

Future growth and prosperity in Ontario depends on the creation of an environment where innovators can succeed. The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology has the lead for encouraging and fostering a culture of innovation in Ontario.

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