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OAFT – From Discovery to Profit

Ensuring that the Ontario ag sector is at the forefront of agri-tech,
to compete globally and to develop new market opportunities.



Rapid Response programs provide assistance to Ontario agri-food innovators for sales and research.


Work with innovators in the industry and foster initiatives that contribute to Ontario’s advancement in the ag sector.


Build relationships and connections within the industry. Connect with us!


Increase awareness and advocate for the industry. Click here for Magnet Export Portal and BioProducts Update.

The Last Word – from our clients

  • “This program is very important and integral in allowing Canadian companies an opportunity to respond quickly to an opportunity that could potentially grow a Canadian company significantly, thus leading to economic benefits for Ontario and Canada. Without programs like this, it would be hard for a small biotech company like PlantForm to reach out and have face to face meetings with companies from around the world, as often our resources are limited.” 

    David Cayea – PlantForm Corporation

  • “The program was excellent. It made it possible for us to make an important step forward in developing the technology, which would not have been possible without this program.”

    Les Petroczi – Guelph Junction Railway Limited

  • “High level of satisfaction, provided us with the opportunity to grow both our current major software, while also providing valuable service to a current software user and receiving input on our new software that we could not obtain from beef farmers near our office” 

    Jasper Munro – Ag-Sight

  • “Provided us with the funds to engage with several groups who are already helping with sales. A great platform for our small company to grow sales, identify future leads and meet future partners” 

    Peter Mankowski – SeeHorse

  • “This program catalyzed us into action. So far, this program has been of immense value as a motivator to get out and meet strategically important organizations who may become partners or who will buy our products”

    Tim Nelson – Be Seen Be Safe

  • “As co-founder of a small but growing agricultural technology company, I have come to value OAFT immensely… OAFT has been instrumental in providing introductions to key players, and access to expertise, and we were given the opportunity early on, to present our ideas at an OAFT semi-annual meeting. In this way, OAFT has played a key role in helping us to become part of the Ontario agricultural community”

    Trevor Charles – Metagenom Bio

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