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  • 8 January 2019

KiKi Water expands coast to coast

KiKi Maple Sweet Water is now available coast to coast across Canada.  As we grow we are very pleased to profile our customers in our newsletter and describe how they are seeing our products being consumed in their market.  Through efforts of our partners, we were able to have a strong presence at the Grocery Innovations Canada trade show in Toronto with our partners at CB Powell.  We are also very pleased to be able to support numerous charities and events throughout the year and look forward to great sales as we move forward.

In 2018, we were able to increase our visibility and opportunities internationally for KiKi products, and were able to showcase in places like France, the United Arab Emirates and India, to name a few.  We also plan to introduce our products in other new markets globally in the first quarter, so please stay tuned learn more about our exciting opportunities.  

We are also very environmentally conscious and are so pleased to provide you with a truly clean, green Canadian product.  As you may know, all of our ingredients are natural and we have no synthetic additions to our beverages.  All ingredients simply are very easy to say.  We are proud that our products are so simple, yet so healthy for our consumers.  When our customers try it, they love it.  We do want to hear from you so tell us your story!

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