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Date: September 28, 2001

Our semi-annual meeting will be held on Friday, September 28, 2001 in
Blenheim, Ontario hosted by our member W.G. Thompson and Sons Limited.
Thank you to Henry Olechowski and staff.

Stay tuned for more

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Ontario invests in biotechnology industry growth

Date: November 2, 1999

Ottawa – The Ontario government will create a $20 million Biotechnology
Commercialization Centre Fund to boost Ontario’s competitiveness in the
biotechnology industry, Jim Wilson, Minister of Energy, Science and
Technology, announced today. The governmentís contribution will leverage
up to $20 million in additional community partnership money for a total
investment of up to $40 million.

This funding will assist in the
creation of regional commercialization centres to house start-up
biotechnology firms from Ontarioís universities, hospitals, research
institutes and private industry.

‘Ontario’s growing biotechnology
industry offers promising opportunities for us all,’ Wilson said.
‘Commercialization centres will allow our best and brightest researchers
to make their discoveries in Ontario and bring them to market here. The
economic benefits and high-skilled jobs that result will help bring
continued growth and opportunity to our province.’

Biotechnology Commercialization Centre Fund will be part of Ontario’s
SuperBuild Growth Fund announced in the May 1999 Ontario

‘Ontario leads Canada in the field of biotechnology,’ said
Dianne Cunningham, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.
‘University research and innovation contributes significantly to economic
growth and an improved quality of life for

Commercialization centres help to reduce early stage
business start-up costs, which can be an impediment to innovative new
companies. By providing access to shared office and laboratory facilities,
administrative resources and management/financial services, the
Biotechnology Commercialization Centre Fund allows start-up companies to
focus their resources and energy on developing products and

‘Commercialization centres are recognized as a potent
economic development tool and many countries are using them as part of a
broad strategy to aggressively promote early stage biotechnology company
development,’ Wilson said. The centres create substantial benefits in
terms of industrial activity and job creation.

For more
information, contact:
Mike Krizanc Brian LeGrow
Minister’s Office
Communications Branch
(416) 327-3550 (416) 327-5555

or visit the
website at http://www.est.gov.on.ca/
communiquè est disponible en français.

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Canadian scientists form coalition to support

Date: November 1, 1999

TORONTO, Ontario (November 1,1999) — Scientists from across Canada
called for an “informed dialogue based on sound science” today as they
launched a national coalition to support the responsible development and
application of biotechnology.

“As scientists involved with the
research and development of biotechnology and supporters of its use to
provide better health and nutrition to people around the world, we urge
Canadians to participate in a dialogue about the technology’s potential,”
says the statement, signed by more than 100 leading scientists across the

“We expect anyone who chooses to communicate to Canadians
about science will do so responsibly using facts and the best available
information, rather than unsubstantiated allegations and rhetoric as their

The scientists made a strong defense of the Canadian
food and drug regulatory system. “We believe that Canada has a regulatory
system for the assessment and approval of all foods and drugs marketed in
this country that ranks with the very best in the world,” the statement

In announcing the coalition, they called on their Canadian
colleagues to make a stand to support the tools of biotechnology. “We
invite responsible scientists from across the country to join with us in
standing up for this important technology and for the integrity of the
system that regulates it.”

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