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P.O. Box 730
7398 Queen’s Line,
County Rd. #2 West
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5L1

Contact Info:
Art Stirling
Communications Manager

T. 519-352-6350 ext. 6724
F. 519-436-6753
E. [email protected]

Website URL:

Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited

Mission Statement:
Pioneer Hi-Bred has three key
objectives: to improve harvestable yield; to reduce crop losses,
input costs and risk for growers through enhanced pest resistance;
and to create more value and new uses for crops by improving the
quality of the grain, oilseeds and forage produced.

About Us:
Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited is Canada’s premier
seed company and the world’s leading supplier of agricultural plant
genetics. In Canada, Pioneer develops, produces and markets a full
line of proprietary seed products, forage/grain microbial additives,
and services to crop and livestock farmers, grain processors and
other end-use customers.

In Canada, Pioneer develops and sells
corn, soybean, canola, sunflower, winter wheat and alfalfa seed.
Through traditional plant breeding and the responsible use of
biotechnology and the new sciences of genomics and proteomics, many
of these hybrids and varieties feature enhanced resistance to
diseases, insects and herbicides. We also develop output traits such
as modified oil, starch or protein profiles that offer enhanced
nutritional, environmental or industrial value.

Markets Served:
With Canada our primary focus, our
Research and Supply Management divisions develop products and
produce supplies for similar overseas markets, such as northern

Looking For…
Pioneer Hi-Bred is always interested in
exploring opportunities that help secure our corporate mission and
goals while building on our strengths in core germplasm, product
development and seed production and distribution.

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