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Research Park Centre
Suite 307, 150
Research Lane
Guelph ON Canada N1G 4T2

Contact Info:
Peter Hannam
President, First Line
T. (519) 821-0882
F. (519) 821-9755
E. [email protected]

Website URL:

First Line Seeds

Mission Statement:
To be a progressive seed company
dedicated to:
1. Quality products and services
2. Crop
research and innovation
3. Soybean expertise and technology
Creating and developing new markets for specialized crop varieties

About Us:
First Line Seeds is the only company in
Ontario that specializes exclusively in soybeans. Since 1982, when
First Line Seeds was born out of the collaborative vision of 12
professional seed growers, we’ve channeled our energies into the
development and production of superior traits that meet the many
soil types and management practices of Ontario growers.

At First Line Seeds Research &
Development, the focus is on soybean variety development. This
effort is categorized into two areas, enhanced agronomic traits and
NutriLine soybeans. Enhanced agronomic traits include Roundup Ready
soybeans and tolerance to various diseases that the Ontario producer
faces. The NutriLine food grade soybean program strives to improve
high value traits, such as protein level, amino acid composition and
improved carbohydrate levels. These are the traits which are most in
demand for whole bean, soyfood uses.

Markets Served:
Canada, United States, and Asia, in
particular, Japan and South Korea

Looking For…
Market opportunities

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