Bt Corn

White Papers :
Bt Corn

  • Bt Corn Pollen impacts on nontarget Lepidoptera: Assessment of Effects in Nature
    Commentary: Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences 97:8198-8199
  • Case Study: Bt-Maize
    This case study examines maize (corn) that was genetically engineered to produce a
    protein that is toxic to certain insects. A gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt),
    which produces the toxin, was modified and added to the corn. Promoters (genetic material that
    initiates transcription of the gene) and terminators (genetic material which stops transcription of
    the gene) were also added, from a virus and another bacterium, respectively, which are known
    plant pathogens. The Bt-maize considered in this case study is referred to as MON810.
    CEQ/OSTP Assessment: Case Studies of Environmental Regulation for Biotechnology January, 2001
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