White Papers :

  • Case Study: Herbicide-Tolerant Soybean
    This case study examines the approved product glufosinate-tolerant soybeans. This
    variety of soybean was genetically engineered by AgrEvo (now Aventis) to be tolerant to the
    herbicide glufosinate ammonium (herein referred to as glufosinate), a chemical already in
    agricultural use. A modified bacterium gene was added to the soybean so that the plant produces
    an enzyme that breaks down the herbicide before it can harm the soybean plant. Genetic material
    from other sources was inserted to control the expression of the enzyme. As with many other
    genetically engineered products, glufosinate tolerant soybeans are regulated by various regulatory
    agencies as described in the Coordinated Framework for Regulation of Biotechnology (Office
    of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), 1986).
    CEQ/OSTP Assessment: Case Studies of Environmental Regulation for Biotechnology January, 2001
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