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The Biotechnology Portal and B2B Marketplace

OAFT’s Old Site: All of the information on the original site has been incorporated into this site. OAFT info can be found under the OAFT Home and OAFT Info tabs. OAFT News can be found under the community tab. OAFT member discoveries can be found under the IP/Technology Marketplace. The FAQs can be found under the resources tab. Issues analysis can be found under the news-editorial analysis tab. The links can be found under business development resources-general category. OAFT member profiles can be found in the directory.    

OAFT Home: Use this tab to find information about the “Canadian advantage”, OAFT’s “Dedicate to Success” statement, and the “Future is Here and Now” statement on Ontario.

OAFT Info: Use this tab to find information on OAFT, its mission, its strategy and to link to member profiles under the directory.

Contact Us: Contact information for OAFT can be found under this tab.


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Use the search functionality to find information located throughout the site. The functionality will search all sections and tabs.

RegisterRegister: Register in order to access the member-only sections of the site-i.e. OAFT Member News. Only members and affiliates of OAFT can enter these protected sections. Therefore your registration will receive final approval from OAFT.

Login: Once you have registered and received approval by OAFT, use the login to enter the member-only sections on future visits.


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