OAFT – Ontario AgriFood Technologies

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Search Tools:
These search tools are ideal for both research and competitive intelligence.
Use the CiteLine Tool to search the web for biotechnology and medical-specific information.
Search the web using various Search Engines categorized by CanBiotech.
Use the Dictionary Tool to search various general, biotechnology and medical dictionaries.

Intellectual Property, Financial and Business Development Calculators are provided.
Intellectual property calculators include spreadsheets for technology valuation.
Financial calculators include spreadsheets developed by Strategis.
Business development calculators involve parameter inputs.

Databases: Research:
These databases include:
Literature Search databases such as Medline to search for citations and PubMed Central to access electronic documents.
Phytochemical/Ethnobotanical databases such as Ecosys to search for plant ecological ranges; EthnobotDB to search for worldwide plant uses; FoodplantDB to search for Native American food plants; MPNADB to search for medicinal plants of Native America; and PhytochemDB to search for plant chemicals.
Animal, Plant and Crop Genomic Databases to search for sequences and genes.

Databases: Business:
Access FAO, OMAF, Statistics Canada and USDA data.


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