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12 Mar 2002

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies would like to express our thank you to the Agriculture Adaptation Council of Ontario and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada for their support in sponsoring this conference.

Conference Summaries and Slides from the IP Management Conference, held on March 7th 2002 at the Springfield Golf and Country Club, in Guelph, ON Canada are now available and can be found under the Conference Reporter.

Presentation Summaries by CanBiotech are available for the following presentations:

Branding Canada
By Ginty Jocius, Ginty Jocius & Associates

Trends in Value Chain Management: The Role of IP Systems (Presentation Slides also available)
By Joe Colyn, Originz LLC

Does it Pay? Trends in IP Marketing and Pricing Practices (Presentation Slides also available)
By Karen Bender, Senior Research Specialist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Linnet-The Land Systems Company: Realizing the benefits in agricultural supply chain management
By Ron Kroeker, Senior Account Executive, Linnet Systems (Presentation Slides also available)

ProdiGene: Using Maize to Produce Human Health, Animal Health and Industrial Proteins
By Dr. John Howard, Chief Scientific Officer, ProdiGene (Presentation Slides also available)

CFIA Initiatives on the Regulation for Novel Plant Based Molecular Farming
By Phil Macdonald, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Presentation Slides also available)

Evolution and Role of Management Standards in Food and Agri-Food Sectors
By Kathryn Cooper, Guelph Food Technology Centre

Putting Canada First: An Architecture for Agricultural Policy in the 21st Century
By Dr. Graham Clarke, Director Animal Industry Division, MISD, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Opportunities with Technology and Identity Preservation (Presentation Slides also available)
By Greg Shantz, John Deere Canada

The Application of Biotechnology to Industrial Sustainability-A Primer
22 Oct 2003
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OAFT Semi-Annual Board of Directors/Members General Meeting: DIRECTIONS
3 Sep 2003 22:35:03
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Guelph Partnership for Innovation
17 Jul 2003
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15 Jul 2003
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9 May 2003
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14 Mar 2003
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24 Jan 2003
OAFT Semi Annual Meeting Summary, Papers and Slides
3 Oct 2002
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City of Guelph
19 Aug 2002
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11 Jun 2002
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26 Apr 2002
IP Management Conference Summaries & Slides
12 Mar 2002
New OAFT Portal and Marketplace Launch
8 Aug 2001
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