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11 Jun 2002

The Ottawa Life Sciences Council is pleased to announce the launch of our new brand, Isolating the Success Gene.  We have redesigned our web sites to better serve our members and the greater life sciences community.
Please take a look at our new sites and be sure to add olsc.ca to your favourites list.  Check back often as we will be posting up-coming events and the latest bio tech news to our sites! 
www.olsc.ca is your first stop for the Buzz on Ottawas life sciences sector.  You will find a comprehensive listing of Institutions, research programs, and biotech companies. Access information concerning local biotech investments, OLSC initiatives, news, and events.
www.biojobs.ca is our eRecruitment and eLeaning portal. The site also provides access to specialty training initiatives (e.g. bioinformatics, regulatory compliance, tissue culture, business and investing etc) and the latest job opportunities.
www.bionorth.ca is the BioNorth 2002 Conference & Exhibition web site. This is our 9th Annual International Conference (November 4-6, 2002).   We will host over 1000 people, 85 speakers, an international business forum in partnership with the United Kingdom, an Awards program, a Career Fair, and a Graduate Student Poster Competition.
Upcoming events
Big Bike for Stroke
Fall Season of BioEntrepreneurs Luncheon Series
OLSC Annual General Meeting
November 46, 2002
Showcasing the success gene.
9th Annual Ottawa Life Sciences International Conference and Exhibition
Ottawa Congress Centre Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ken Lawless
Executive Director
[email protected]
Ottawa Life Sciences Council
600 Peter Morand Cres. Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5Z3
Tel: 613-521-1008
Fax: 613-521-3065
www.olsc.ca The Application of Biotechnology to Industrial Sustainability-A Primer
22 Oct 2003
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3 Sep 2003
OAFT Semi-Annual Board of Directors/Members General Meeting: Meeting Agenda
3 Sep 2003 22:33:38
OAFT Semi-Annual Board of Directors/Members General Meeting: Registration Form
3 Sep 2003 22:34:11
OAFT Semi-Annual Board of Directors/Members General Meeting: DIRECTIONS
3 Sep 2003 22:35:03
$200,000 for Guelph-Waterloo Partnership in Biotechnology
Guelph Partnership for Innovation
17 Jul 2003
BIONORTH 2003 – 10th Annual International Life Sciences Conference and Exhibition
15 Jul 2003
Fresher, Faster, More Profitable… Branding Canada’s Agri-Food Industry to the World
9 May 2003
Presentations from OAFT Annual General Meeting available
14 Mar 2003
OAFT Annual General Meeting AGENDA
24 Jan 2003
OAFT Semi Annual Meeting Summary, Papers and Slides
3 Oct 2002
Guelph Breakfast Networking Series: The stars are aligned for Guelph as a life science community
City of Guelph
19 Aug 2002
OLSC-Isolating the Success Gene
11 Jun 2002
Whats New in May from BHRC?
26 Apr 2002
IP Management Conference Summaries & Slides
12 Mar 2002
New OAFT Portal and Marketplace Launch
8 Aug 2001
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