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Commodity-Specific Sites

  • Canadian Organic Growers
    The national information network for organic gardeners, farmers and consumers.
  • Canola Council of Canada
    Representing the common interests of all Canola Council of Canada members and encourage the improvement, development, and expanded production and use of Canadian canola seed and products.
  • Flax Council of Canada
    With the support of the Flax Council of Canada, flax serves a myriad of uses worldwide. This site endeavours to provide general flax facts of interest to consumers, as well as more specialized information for nutritionists, dietitians, food producers, manufacturers and flax growers.
  • Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM)
    The Palm Oil Institute of Malaysia or PORIM was setup in 1979 to conduct research and development on oil palm and its products. Its mission is to support the well-being of the palm oil industry in Malaysia through research, development and services.
  • Soya and Oilseed Bluebook Online
    Soya & Oilseed Bluebook Online is dedicated to meeting the information needs of the soybean, soyfoods and oilseeds industry.
  • StratSoy
    Strategic tools and resources for the soybean industry.
  • United Soybean Board
    Committed to implementing new technologies that will improve the United States soybean industry in terms of market expansion and production quality.
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