Canada Digital Agri-Food

Canada Digital Agri-Food (CDAF) is driving a vision of enabling Digital Transformation in the Canadian Agri-Food industry through the effective use of data as a resource. Through the development, implementation and operation of open, shared tools and platforms CDAF can equip Ontario farmers with decision support tools relevant to their farms. CDAF will all enable participants to take advantage of built-in-Canada solutions designed to support them in the highly competitive global economy in which we operate. READ MORE


Canadian Agri-Food Sustainability Initiative

The Canadian Agri-Food Sustainability Initiative has received approval for their Dairy Goat Pilot Project. This proof-of-concept project will include the development of an electronic tool (or questionnaire) that will consist of questions compiled from three existing sustainability tools.  This sustainability tool will be tested by 8-12 dairy goat producers and subsequently evaluated by the project team for ease of use, alignment with international sustainability tools, and overall usefulness to the dairy goat supply chain. The key learnings from this proof-of-concept project will further inform the development of the whole farm, whole value chain model that is integral to the Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative. READ MORE


Go360 bioTrack


This project will make the onerous task of data collection at the farm level as simple as possible.   The emphasis will be on commodity specific programs for beef, sheep and dairy goats.  There is tremendous opportunity to build on an existing data collection and information platform rather than start afresh to build many new commodity specific platforms.  This approach is also highly supportive of the whole farm focus of SFFI. READ MORE