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Established in 1997, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) is a non-profit organization comprised of members from grower associations, universities/colleges, industry and regional governments.

Located in Guelph, Ontario, the organization focuses on ensuring that Ontario producers have access to the latest technologies to compete globally and to develop new market opportunities, many of which are beyond food.

Many recent developments, such as the new technology for genetic manipulation of plants and animals, the emergence of specialty products, increased fossil fuel costs, contract manufacturing and growing, changes in the trade agreements and increased international competitiveness, are now changing the face of agriculture world-wide.

Although Ontario is well-positioned to take advantage of these changes to enhance its agri-food industry, our efforts must be coordinated for the collective economic and social well-being of the province and its citizens. We must move beyond traditional markets of food to new health products, industrial feedstock and fuels.

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